Island Getaway (2012)


All the best stories are but one story in reality – the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.
(A.C. Benson)

I sell escapism.
(Jimmy Buffett)

Mike Broward’s latest CD, Island Getaway, is founded along these guiding lines. Centered in the theme of escape and the tropics, this album weaves it’s way through everyday mundane experience of the job and boss and a way to feel good about them, to the sheer joy of getting away to a more relaxed, laid back lifestyle.┬áThere is a longing for the tropics and a need to lose one’s self, expressed in a spicy stew of rock, blues, and pure Trop-Rock escapism.

From the opening track,” Little Miss Sunshine”, a bright island ode to love-at-first-sight, to the single entertainers eternal question of what to do next in “What Would Jimmy Do?”, this collection maintains a balance of energy, rocking tempos and an absolutely fun, positive vibe.
Recorded with the “A” list of studio session players in one of Nashville’s best kept secrets,
Off The Row Studios, this work comes to life with stellar musicianship and wonderful production.
Give it a listen!


Margaritas And Moonshine (2010)

Margaritas and Moonshine explores the collision of country and the fastest growing genre in music today, Trop-Rock. Pop a cold one, grab a beach chair and put your feet up while the music takes you on a brief getaway to the islands. Featuring stellar sidemen, Larry Franklin and Dan Dugmore joining Nashville “A team” session players- Songs of finance (Overextended) and romance(You’re The Only One) served up with just the right down home feel.



Parrothead Rehab (2008)

Parrothead Rehab features some of Nashville’s’ more prominent and respected musicians tailoring music for the Trop- Rock crowd. The songs are Parrothead inspired and written with the end result of you popping a cold one and relaxing into the music. The theme of the album is escapism at its’ core. Tropical vacations, Southern girls, all of the things you would rather be doing than working and paying bills..